Donut Therapy – Greater Ann Arbor, MI

To me, donuts are a big deal. This includes a general love of breakfast style pastries like coffee cakes and cinnamon rolls. My blood type has been identified as Buttermilk Positive. This was genetically passed down to me from my mother, Beckie. In college, she used to sneak down to the sorority house kitchen at 5:00 in the morning on Saturdays to bring in the box of donuts that the local bakery would bring to the doorstep. She would choose a few of the choicest ones and scurry back up to the bedroom where she and her identical twin Bobbie would each scarf a few down, then go back to bed with 4 more hidden in the top drawer of the dresser for when they woke up again.
Once, on the way to a Saturday morning sail with the entire family, my sister decide to bring muffins instead of the donuts she had promised…she has never made that mistake again.
Every time I travel to Chicago to visit my friend Mike, I stop at Sweetwater’s donuts in Kalamazoo, MI and pick up 2 dozen…if you haven’t been there; this is the mecca of Michigan donut eateries.
In the following posts, I will share the best donut shops I have come across in my travels. I have tried to organize these by general location so if you find yourself needing a little donut therapy, hopefully one of these will be close by.

Dom Bakeries – Ypsilanti, Michigan

October 17, 2012
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 Dom Bakeries 1305 Washtenaw Rd. Ypsilanti, MI 48197 734-485-3175 Here is the map! Yelp Page Dom Bakeries is a 24 hour pastry heaven serving the greater Ann  Arbor area. As you are making your way to this donut “joint”, please ignore the combination car/art sculpture/flower pot in front of the hourly motel that you may […]

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