The Home Bakery – Rochester, MI

by David Perry on December 6, 2012

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Home Bakery

300 South Main Street

Rochester, MI 48307


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Have you driven through downtown Rochester lately? It is truly one of a handful of great small downtowns left in Metro Detroit. I used to live there a few years ago and hit all of the hot spots back then. Main Street Billiards, Rochester Mills Brewery, Rochester Chop House, Red Knapps…and of course, The Home Bakery. A quaint little corner store bakery that holds world-class pastries inside. I really mean that. They ship their stuff all over the world. The are known for their cakes and I have to admit, in my opinion, they are the best you can get in Metro Detroit. Better then Sweet Dreams, Party Cakes, Astoria, and Sweetwater to name a few…and they are far cheaper than those places to boot. The actual cake is uniquely good and fluffy and the frosting is to die for. I could probably end this post right there and say…”HEY, get your butt on over to this place and try one of their cakes!” You wouldn’t leave unhappy that’s for sure and you would probably go out of your way to get them in the future…BUT, you would be missing out on some real gems.

They also create a variety of pastries…and mini cakes that are delicious. Make sure you try their mini bumpy cake or the raspberry tart at some point. Various coffee cakes, cinnamon rolls and muffins are all worth trying but the king of all…is the Bear Claw. If you aren’t familiar with them they are little pastries with almond filling, frosted and shaped to look, well, like a bear claw. I happen to be a Claw Connoisseur and you will be extremely hard pressed to find their equal. Don’t even talk to me about the ones at local Bear Claw coffee joints…yuck!

The only problem I have ever found with this place is that they sometimes run out of stuff I like. Since it is probably going to be a hike for you to get out there, make sure you call ahead and reserve whatever you really want…wink, wink…Bear Claws. Also, It’s better to get there early as later in the day they will also run out.

Now, go get your butt over there and eat up some Bear Claws!!!



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