Thai Basil – Livonia, MI

by David Perry on April 22, 2013

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Thai Basil

37273 W Six Mile Rd
Livonia, MI 48154
(734) 464-5934

Here is the Map!


It’s brilliantly white with a smooth coat of perfectly clean and silky hair. With its head held high, it always carries itself in a majestic way. A single horn protrudes from the center of its forehead, twisting as it reaches towards the sky. The magical properties of this mythical beast are legendary…so is the rarity with which they are found. The Unicorn is a name that is often given to that which is sought after but extremely hard to find. We all have our little Unicorns that we spend our lives seeking…mostly in vain. Mine is the search for great Asian food. I am constantly on the hunt for it yet I rarely find any that’s decent. Ellen often mocks me because I am always trying new places despite this conundrum. I admit it…I am an Asian food junkie; I could seriously eat it every day.

I have eaten at more Asian restaurants in the Metro-Detroit area than I can remember…many of them Thai. Most are ok. They satisfy the basic longing but they are never fantastic. They all seem to mass produce the food and it never tastes completely fresh. The best I have come across in the Metro-Detroit area is Thai Basil.

The vegetables always seem fresh and the chicken never has that funny taste you sometimes get with Thai food…You know, like its been frozen and re-heated…yuck! The best part however is the curry. It has that deep rich flavor that only comes with extra care. I recommend the Vegetable curry shown below.

I also want to mention two more things on the side. This will actually be a two-part post because I want to cover my favorite Chinese restaurant as well…That’s coming later. The other thing is that even though I generally only post restaurants and places in Michigan, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the greatest Thai Restaurant I have been to. It’s in Washington D.C. and it’s called Nava Thai. It blows anything else I have tried and has items you wouldn’t find on normal american Thai places. I highly suggest that if you are in that area to go check it out.



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