The Phoenix rises from the ashes

by David Perry on March 31, 2014



I have really been itching to start writing some blog posts again. Between the time off work, starting a new career and the complete mess that Apple made with the new operating system, I’ve lost pretty much all of my old pictures due to this new Apple iCloud functionality, it’s been tough to get going again. As a writer, I find that I do my best work when I focus on a small, intimate moment. I then can elaborate on the wonderfully tiny aspects that moment has brought forth. Generally, for me, this begins with looking at pictures I have taken then finding one that begins to unwind a story in my head. From that point, it’s just a matter of getting it down on paper quick enough. Luckily, my wife has taken some amazing photos lately and renewed my sizzle to write.

I have had some very troubling and trying moments in my life recently as well as some amazing happy times. I’m excited to share them all with you in the coming weeks and months. I am even tinkering with a complete redesign of the website. I hope you all stick around to see where it goes. It should be a fun ride!

Thanks for you support!

David Perry

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