Teeny Wolf

by David Perry on May 10, 2014

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Benson has a bit of a love-hate relationship with scary things. He is inexorably drawn to them whether it’s daddy jumping out of the dark, a zombie on a video, or a scary dude on Halloween in a mask. He seeks them out and cries for more…and yet, he always keeps a safe distance while partially covering his eyes.


His latest obsession is the Wolf Man at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s market. He plays the violin and if you tip him, he will slowly bow his head and then give off a convincing wolf howl that fades off into what sounds like a pack. He is really quite good. “Mommy, can we go see the Wolf Man?” He says. Ellen replies “I’m sorry Benson but he only plays on Saturdays.” “I wish it was Saturday” as he sulks away.


Saturday morning arrives and he hasn’t forgotten his quarry. He wakes up, gives a yawn and weakly asks…”Are we going to see the Wolf Man?” We load up and head to the market for some Wolf time and family pics with Myra Klarman ( http://myraklarman.com ) You see, this is also Mother’s Day weekend and every year, our favorite professional photographer puts on her Cat in the Hat hat and takes picture of families for free. She then gives them away and they always turn out to be some of the best family pics we have.

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