Spotlight Product Review – Padraig Shoes

by David Perry on May 24, 2013

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If I could do it all over again, I think I would go into the diaper business. It is such a cash cow! We have easily gone through more than 10,000 diapers over the past few years. This is just one of the many things you learn as go through this confluence of events called raising children. Try finding a pair of functional gloves or mittens for them in the winter. It can’t be done! Ben goes outside all the time to play in the snow and needs some sort of glove to wear. The problem is that mittens don’t let him mess around with snow and they are too bulky to keep on his little hands. Gloves aren’t water-proof so they get wet easily and turn cold. If any of you know of great winter gloves for kids…let us know!



Shoes are another issue. For the most part, I believe that young kids don’t need shoes. If they aren’t crawling yet, then they aren’t going outside on the ground yet. When they start crawling, you will find that there are really no decent options for footwear. Most of the options are decorative for kids that small…uncomfortable as all hell. The problem is that we have a bit of concrete outside and if Ami is crawling around on it, she will scrape up her feet. I also can’t put on some bulky shoe to protect them because she is learning to walk and I need them as form-fitting as possible.


Cut away to last summer…we decide pack up and take our first family trip to Kincardine, Ontario. Ellen and her family used to go up there on a regular basis and get a cottage on Lake Huron. Ellen’s mom and dad go out for a little adventure one afternoon and come back with these little moccasins for all of the children…Padraigs.


The Padraig is a slip on type shoe with thick wool yarn on the top and drawstring to cinch it. The bottom is made of tough leather to help withstand some heavy usage. To make to the shoe more comfortable, the inside is lined with very soft, fluffy insole…not unlike what you would find in an UGG.  They stay on wonderfully and the kids love to wear them. They don’t hinder them when they try to walk and are comfortable inside and outside. If they get dirty, just pop in the wash and let them air dry.


Because of the wool, they keep their little feet warm and help to keep moisture away. If you are not familiar with how wool socks work , you are really missing out. Ask Ellen…other than when I work out, I only wear wool socks. If your feet get cold in the winter..try some out. You won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and by the way…the shoes don’t come with the little cinch clips that you see in the pics. Head out to Meijer or Target and pick up a couple for each pair. It makes it much easier to tie them.



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